What Do You Need to Know About Inverters in Malaysia?

Did you know that inverters are the most common electrical equipment that needs repair and maintenance not only in Malaysia but all around the world?

In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about inverters in Malaysia.

Let’s get started.

What are inverters?

An inverter is an electrical equipment that converts DC voltage to AC voltage. An inverter is equipment that performs the conversion of direct current voltage to alternating current voltage from direct current storage devices like batteries and rectifiers.

How do inverters work?

Inverters are responsible for controlling the speed and torque of electric motors. Every industry in Malaysia needs to use various electrical appliances that works using electric motors. It is essential to focus on avoiding unnecessary waste of energy when you’re using electrical devices with electronic motors. You don’t want to risk your business with wasted energy and materials.

With inverters, you’ll be able to take control of the efficiency of your electrical devices which results in increased productivity and reduced waste of energy and production materials.

Types of Inverters in Malaysia

Inverters can be classified into many types based on different elements like output, source, type of load, PWM technique, and output level.

In most industries, the type of inverter is classified according to the output characteristic of the inverter.

There are three main types of inverters in Malaysia which are:

  • Sine Wave
  • Square Wave
  • Modified Sine Wave

Sine Wave Inverter

The voltage waveform from the output is classified as a sine wave when it provides similar output to the utility supply. This is one of the most commonly used inverters in the industry because 90% of electrical devices are produced to match sine waves. With a similar output as the devices, the inverter guarantees to work without any issues. Despite being one of the most suitable inverter types it is costly compared to others and often used in residential and commercial buildings.

Square Wave

One of the cheapest inverter types compared to others in the market. A square wave inverter generates square shaped waveform as the name suggests. This type of inverter is ideal if you’re utilizing a few devices. Moreover, square wave inverters are readily available in the market. The only drawback of a square wave inverter is that it can cause problems as it can easily become noisy.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The combination of sine wave and square wave inverter is what modified sine wave inverter is about. Despite being a combination of both, it acts and works more like a wine wave inverter. We have to agree that this inverter is powerful, but its efficiency often affects the performance of electrical devices. And that’s why this inverter is ideal for devices with resistive load and the ones that do not need a surge of power to get started. Most companies are still open to using modified sine wave inverters because it’s affordable compared to pure sine wave inverters.

Common Problems with Inverters

If you’ve been using inverters for some time, you’ve surely noticed your inverter got turned off and is unable to get started again. There are also other problems you may encounter with inverters.

In this section, we will look at the common issues with inverters and how to get them solved.

Unable to turn on the inverter

The inability to switch on the inverter is one of the most common problems faced as we have mentioned earlier. Even at STK Dynamic Engineering we often have clients that approach us for the same problem.

Following are some of the reasons for not switching on the inverter.

  • Tripping in the inverter
  • Disconnected batteries
  • Loose terminals of inverter battery
  • Having weak battery
  • Having batteries attached to the terminals in reverse

Although these problems can be solved on your own, you need a professional to inspect and provide the best solution. This is because you don’t want to end up spending your time and resources on something that can be handled by someone good at them.

The Inverter Battery is Not Getting Charged

Another potential reason for your inverter to have a problem is that the batteries are not getting charged. In most cases, it’s due to a dead battery and you just get them replaced. However, if there are other damages like burnt rectifiers, the melted fuse will not charge the batteries even if you get them replaced. Get in touch with a professional and get your inverter repaired the earliest.

Reduced Backup Time

A shortened backup time for inverters is considered another common problem encountered with inverters. There is a high chance that your devices are consuming more power to operate. If that’s the reason, you should remove some of the electrical devices that causing the extra load.

The backup time can also be affected due to low electrolyte levels. You just need to top up your inverter batteries with distilled water. Make sure the water level of the battery is at its optimum level.

Unwanted Noise from the Inverter

Do you hear unpleasant noises from your inverter?

Although hearing wind-like noise from your inverter is normal, it can be annoying when the noise gets worst. In most cases, the noise is caused by the fan. You can simply clean the fan using the blowing machine or get help from professionals to get it cleaned r replaced.

Wrong Cable Size and Circuit Wiring

Having the right cable size and proper wiring connection is essential for inverters. Your inverter can become defective when you fail to have the right cable and wiring system. You don’t want to end up damaging your inverter and making it not function anymore.

When you’re not sure about the technical aspect of the inverter, then you should seek a professional that can troubleshoot and help you use the right cable and fix your circuits.

The Age of Inverter

How long you’ve been using the inverter?

The lifespan of the inverter you’re using will determine the performance of your electrical devices. When the inverter reaches its shelf life, it will start to show a decline in terms of performance. It will be subjected to more damage and starts to malfunction if you choose not to replace it.

Although you can repair it and make it work, it will not perform like the new inverters. If you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your inverters, you should perform consistent maintenance with companies like STK Dynamic Engineering.

Preventive Measures for Inverters in Malaysia

Inverters are meant to make your operations smooth and power up all your electronic devices even if there is a power cut. To get the best performance from your inverter, you need to take a few preventive measures.

Pay special attention to batteries

As we’ve gone through battery issues in the common problems section, we would like to reiterate the importance of replenishing distilled water consistently. You can easily make a schedule to make timely refills for your inverter batteries. Good care of your batteries will help inverters to last long and provide the best performance. One you can also make complete charging for your battery on monthly basis to make sure it has sufficient electrolyte solution.

Avoid increasing power loads

You may have inverters with high power capacities if you use multiple electrical devices. However, you should only use a limited number of devices with your inverter. Despite having high power capacity, the performance of the inverter can be affected with multiple devices attached to one particular inverter and running simultaneously. To avoid unwanted power overloads, you can disconnect devices that you’re not always using.

Perform regular maintenance

The inverter is also an electric device that requires regular maintenance. You may not be an expert in performing regular maintenance for your inverter. Keep your inverter in check with regular maintenance by professional inverter repair and maintenance experts. STK Dynamic engineering is one of the best when it comes to inverter repair and maintenance in Klang Valley.

Place the inverter in the right place

You should place your inverter in a cool dry place. Avoid placing it in hot places or being exposed to direct sunlight. And you also want to make sure your staffs know how to safely handle inverters though accidents caused by inverters are low to zero in Malaysia.

Now that you know everything about inverters in Malaysia, you want to make sure you utilize them properly to get the best performance.

If you’re looking for inverter repair and maintenance services, get in touch with STK Dynamic Engineering’s expert team who can understand inverter problems and offer the best services.

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